Unlike southern states that shut down for days after an inch of snow, St. Louisans don’t get snow days until the MoDot gets a snow day, which is usually never. Even in the most extreme snowstorm situations, many of us are still expect to make it into work, which is why it’s imperative that you have reliable snow plowing services to make it out of your driveway. For that reason, in the winter we are in constant storm mode from well before a storm starts until after the last snow flake has evaporated. Our snow removal service team is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws our way, no matter if it’s at 1 a.m. or at 1 p.m. We have the right snow removal services to fit your needs at our lawn care company. Our snow plow trucks are great for the big jobs to the smaller ones. With stand on rubber tipped plows for those tighter residential drives and snow blowers for walkways, our snow plowing services will reach every little bit of snow on your property.

For some people, seeing snow fall is a very relaxing time, for others it can bring a sense of anxiety, especially those who always need to get out of their driveway in the morning. That’s why we offer the high priority snow removal service for individuals who have jobs that rely on them to make it in. This snow plowing service is very popular with clients of ours who are in the medical field. There is a higher rate for this service, but being able to go to bed at night and sleep soundly as snow blankets the city is very worth while in the end. When you sign up for our priority snow removal service, you will absolutely have your driveway cleared each morning with no exceptions. In some cases, depending on the storm, we will clear your property before the storm has stopped accumulating then come back for a second pass to ensure the driveway is useable at the earliest possible time.

We also offer ice melt at an additional cost for each storm that comes through the area. We provide two different ice melts. The first is rock salt with the cheaper option starting at $5 depending on the size of the area. The second is calcium chloride (safer for concrete) starting at $8.

Before you shovel your own drive consider this

Most people don’t practice shoveling snow before a storm so they are conditioned for what is a very physical job. A job that requires a very awkward movement or motion while lifting what can be quite a few pounds on the end of a shovel often results in an injury to the lower and middle back. Although not life threatening, it is not worth the risk of being in pain or even immobilized for an extended period of time when you are able to take advantage of a lawn care company that offers snow removal services.

Fact: 11,500 people nationwide go to the ER with injuries resulting from snow shoveling, and over 100 people a year die.

So don’t risk it, let us handle getting the snow off your driveway and walks – in most cases – before you awake.

The pricing for our snow removal services is different depending on the size of your driveway and walkways. To give you an idea of the cost, a small driveway with a walkway is $35. For a driveway that goes to the back of the house and opens into a garage on the backside of the house, might be $45-$50. These are just to give you an idea, but keep in mind that all properties are unique. Most in our area will probably be between $35-$45.

To schedule an appointment for our snow plowing services, fill out the information below to contact our lawn care company.