Lawn Mowing Vs Lawn Care

Care is a small word but has such a big meaning. Anyone with a lawn mower can mow a lawn, but to really care for your lawn means you make sure it’s healthy and growing the way you want. Lawn care is much more than a quick trim and mow. As a lawn care company, not only do we offer lawn treatment services, but we care for your lawn the way we care about our clients. For each client, we meet his or her particular needs and desires with our superior lawn care services. To learn more about what sets our lawn care services apart, continue to read.

Caring For Your Lawn And What Sets Us Apart

At Blades Online Lawn Care, we know that not every lawn is the same. The environmental conditions are always changing throughout the growing season, which means that lawn care requires individual needs. This is why treating every lawn the same, all the time is not lawn care. That’s why we practice the following.

We have up to four different sized mowers assigned to each crew to ensure the right mower is used for the conditions of a particular property. For example, wet spring weather requires using less invasive smaller mowers to protect sensitive turf from being damaged.

We use mowers that can have mowing height adjusted in a matter of seconds to accommodate the ever changing conditions and landscapes. For instance, Zoysia should be maintained more in the 2 inches range whereas a Tall Fescue should be kept at around 3.5 inches. For most services, it is a one-size-fits-all approach partly due to the hassle of having to lift decks manually and secure with pins.

Each mower travels with its own set of extra blades. The reason is because sharp blades are a must when maintaining a healthy lawn. Dull blades tear instead of cut cleanly leaving the blade susceptible to diseases and longer recovery time. In addition, damaged blades give the lawn a brownish haze instead of the deep green that most of us desire.

Every crew carries with them grass seed. If and when an area is noticed to have any damage due to foot traffic or various other reasons, they can put down grass seed to help the area. Grass seed will recover and help prevent weeds from capitalizing on the new open real estate.

We hire well-trained techs who have an eye for detail and know the best techniques for not only mowing but trimming and the final clean up. Blades Online Lawn Care will always mow stripes into your lawn to prevent lawn damage. We never repeat the same direction on the lawn. In addition, we will trim leaving the lawn with a crisp edge separating the lawn from planting beds, walks, and driveway. The beds will be left free of debris for an overall professionally cared for appearance. Your neighbors will take notice and wonder about your lawn care secrets.

We try and do the small things that may go unnoticed, so we can help you. Some of the things we do are roll up watering hoses, take newspapers from the driveway to the front door, and bring trash cans up from the street on trash day to name a few of the little things we do.

We try and make getting your lawn cared for as effortlessly as possible, from getting started with the easy First Cut Special, or maintaining your account through the easy auto-charge payment plan. Furthermore, if the time ever came to cancel services for whatever reason, we offer an easy opt-out option.

Caring for you the client and what sets us apart

Similarly to how every lawn is different, this holds true for each of our clients as well. We want to get to know you and what your likes and dislikes are as well as what makes you smile. Below are just some of the things we do for everyone that shows we care.

We only hire the best techs who care about their appearance, and who can communicate with you when you have a concern, a question, or when you just want to say ‘hi.’ We think it’s very important that you are comfortable with the person or persons on your property at any given time.

We work with you to understand your particular needs and to fit our lawn care service to those needs.

We respect your neighbors. For instance, we blow off their driveway when doing a final clean up when possible so you can maintain a good relationship with them.

We try to answer every call as it comes in and get back to you as soon as possible when the calls need to be returned. If you’re interested in our lawn care services, then fill out the information below.