Fusion hybrid organic lawn treatment, is just what it says. It fuses together in a very effective treatment plan, Organic fertilizers and synthetic (chemical) fertilizers/weed control. Both organics and synthetics have some very strong positives and negatives what our Fusion plan does is use the positives from both while dramatically lessening the negatives. To get a clear picture of this you need to understand what those positive and negatives are.

  • Positives


  1. It is safe for kids, pets, wildlife, and the environment.
  2. Will not burn or damage by applying too much at one time or spilling on to lawn.
  3. Is a slower release making it more ideal for using during mid summer when grass is in a slower growing cycle.
  4. Helps to build the soil by feeding the microorganisms that are in the soil already, the microorganisms eat the organic fertilizer and the waste becomes the great soil that healthy lawns need.
  5. Improves the actual heath and vigor from the roots up to the grass blades in a way that synthetics can’t do, thus making lawn able to fight off diseases naturally and not become stressed as easily in extreme conditions.
  6. higher amounts of Iron in organics help give the lawn a darker greenish blue hue.
  7. helps support an eco system for the lawn the gives the lawn the ability to help support itself and repair itself when needed.
  8. Because the lawn is helping to support itself, self repair, and because organics are slower to release fewer treatments are needed through out the year compared to using only synthetics.


  1. Weed control
  2. Can deliver higher doses of nitrogen at key times in a treatment plan makingdeeper root growth possible.
  3. Fast results from the time of treatment.
  • Negatives


1. Are ineffective for getting rid of weeds.

2. Results after a treatment can take a little longer to see then synthetics.

3. Organics tend to be slightly more expensive per treatment due to the application rate being higher(which kind of cancels out since less treatments are needed through out the year).


  1. Can be harmful to kids, pets, wildlife, and the environment.
  2. There is a possibility of over fertilizing and burning the grass, as a result damaging the lawns eco system.
  3. Long term and overuse can change the pH level and also disrupt the ecosystem.
  4. They do absolutely nothing for the soil, they don’t replace soil elements that are slowly depleted.
  5. Synthetics can leach into ground water and also get washed into sensitive areas via run off.

What our fusion plan does is use synthetic fertilizers, in early spring more specifically starter fertilizer which is high in nitrogen. What this does is jump start the lawn out of dormancy and encourage strong root development that will help the lawn in a big way down the road when the organics come into play. It’s also going to help the lawn as we get into the hotter months of summer. Going in to the mid to later part of spring we will apply crab grass preventer another synthetic along with that we will start with our first organic treatment to start building the soil, also at this time if Air temps are high enough we will also spot spray any weeds. At this point we are done with synthetics until fall other than spot spraying any weeds that might pop up. So no need have concerns about your kids playing in the lawn or your beloved pets on your lawn; your lawn is 99% organic safe going through the summer and into fall months. The reason for 99% instead of 100% is to account for the spot spraying that might need to be done in small areas should any weeds find their way into your lawn. By controlling weeds in this way it keeps from needing to use more synthetics to fix a big problem later if left untreated. Going into fall as the lawn begins to start growing more actively, we would once again apply starter fertilizer to once again help support root growth. For the absolute best results we strongly encourage aerating and overseeding the lawn at this time. The overall outcome of this program is going to give you a healthier lawn by building the soil with organics and using synthetics to build the root system to take maximum advantage of the organic rich soil all while greatly reducing the chemicals that go into your lawn equalling a safer lawn.

This reason for choosing to introduce this hybrid organic plan into St. louis is because of all the clients over the years that have voiced concerns about the health safety of traditional treatments. Thats why I spent a great deal of time searching for a solution that would be solve the problem of weed control but at the same time make for a healthy lawn and be safe and more environmentally responsible. To be clear I didn’t develop this system. Allan Haynes, he has a you tube channel called the lawn care nut he came up with it and if you want to know more you should check out his videos.