The advantages to keeping your hedges and shrubbery trimmed

Having professional well-trimmed hedges and shrubbery can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home by framing a picturesque lawn and landscape. In addition, hedge trimming also increases the value of your home, the look of your property, encourages good plant health, promotes flowering of certain shrubs, and helps to protect against disease. There is a level of skill needed to properly take care of hedges. Furthermore, knowing the best times of the year for hedge trimming the different plant species is key to achieving the best results. Our lawn care services are able to provide affordable hedge trimming.

The disadvantages to not keeping hedges and shrubbery trimmed

By allowing hedges and shrubbery to go uncared for, will result in overgrown, unsightly, and potentially dangerous obstacles in your lawn that actually devalue your property. In some case, if the shrub or hedge becomes too overgrown it may be necessary to remove the plant. Lawn services isn’t just about promoting a healthy lawn, but sometimes making the executive decision to remove a plant due to blocking window views, impeding into walkways, and growing into utility access points, gutters, and siding. Once a hedge or a shrub becomes too large, it is almost impossible to trim back to a desired size, so the plant can recover. This is especially true with boxwoods and yews both of which are very popular in our region. Hedge trimming and shrubbery is a skill that needs to be done the correct way and at particular times in order to promote flowering, help in the fight against diseases, and sustain all around plant health.

Not only can large overgrown shrubs and hedges be a factor in home value, but it can also be a big security concern, especially when it is located alongside or near the home. Along with attracting creepy bandits who love to lurk in the shadows, overgrown vegetation can serve as a highway for insects to enter into the home.

The notorious brown recluse spider being one of these insects is more common than most might think. The brown recluse doesn’t spin webs like most spiders, but instead lives in wood piles, the bark of trees, within the walls, crawl spaces, attic space, and anywhere else it can stay reclusive. Once they are in your home, they are nearly impossible to eradicate because most poisons are not effective on the recluse. There is only one treatment that will eradicate them and it involves having your home tented for three days while gas is pumped in. Overall, it does work but the price starts at about $5000 for a 1200 square foot home. I know this from experience because my home was the second house in the midwest to be tented for these dreadful creatures. The first factor our professional pest control management team instructed me to do was cut back any and all vegetation near the home.

Hedge trimming will help to depict the hidden value of your property that arguably is just as important as the visual benefits.

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