What is Core Aeration?

Core aeration is putting holes in your lawn about three to four inches deep or about the size of your pointer finger to remove the cores (soil). This lawn aeration service will disperse the holes around the lawn and allow it to breathe.

What does this do for the lawn?

The biggest benefit of core aerating is that it helps relieve compacted soil. This lawn aeration service makes it possible for roots to get the water and nutrients that would otherwise get blocked by the compacted layers of soil. Thus helping deeper root growth, which results in a healthier lawn.

It allows the turf to be able to breathe, making it possible for oxygen to get to the root structure. Oxygen is not only helpful but a must to help the turf survive during extreme conditions.

It creates a more water-permeable soil surface increasing the absorption rate and decreasing wasteful water runoff.

The cores that are deposited on the lawn from aerating are extremely beneficial because they increase microorganisms that are essential in a truly healthy lawn. This method will help to break down thatch and other organic matter to create waste, which feeds the grass naturally through the process of photosynthesis.

As the nutrient rich cores break down, they give new grass seed a great place to germinate and grow.

What is the best time of the year to core aerate?

Although extremely beneficial to turf and soil health, aerating should be done when grass is actively growing to allow the turf to fill in the open areas and heal more easily. This also helps to ensure the lawn doesn’t become stressed. There are two types of grass: cool season grass (most popular in our region overall) – early spring and the fall warm season grass (zoysia being the most popular of cool season that is in our area) – late spring.

What can you expect immediately after aeration?

Blades Online Lawn Care does a double aeration and even a triple pass in areas that are thinned or look to need more attention. Those areas are where you will see a lawn full of finger sized soil cores. These cores should be thought of as little golden nuggets for your lawn. The microorganism packed super cores break down naturally over the following week or so, this process helps to promote the natural ecosystem of your lawn. To ensure your lawn is healthy and full of nutrients, you need to hire a lawn care company that knows about fertilization and lawn aeration services.

What will be the overall results from core aerating?

Your lawn will be able to handle longer periods of time between waterings without showing signs of blade wilt. With repeat aerations over time, you lawn will show enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance also. Don’t expect a miracles from a one time aeration or fertilization, especially lawns growing in extremely poor soil. Most lawns benefit from annual aeration. Lawns that get this kind of attention will be healthier overall, have more vigor, be more easily maintained, and have less issues with disease and pests than lawns that are neglected.

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